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Flip Clock Featured on Dezeen

The Lexon Flip clock at Dezeen

The FLIP clock by DesignWright for Lexon is a small rectangular case, with “ON” written on one of the larger surfaces and “OFF” written on the opposite side.

When ON is visible, the clock’s alarm has been activated and a smaller clock symbol appears in the right-hand corner of the display to indicate what time the alarm is set for.

When the alarm rings, the user simply turns the clock upside-down to reveal the OFF side.

The numbers on the LCD display automatically rotate when it tips over 90 degrees so the time is still displayed the correct way up.

“The concept came from a simple observation that the seven segment display is symmetrical, which allows you to display numbers both ways up,” explained Adrian Wright. “We thought instead of trying to find a small button in the dark to turn the alarm on/off, you just turn it over and the time flips as well.”

Both sides of the clock are touch-sensitive, acting as both a snooze button and also a way of illuminating the LCD display.

The FLIP comes in ten colours and is made from ABS plastic with a rubberised finish. “We didn’t really design the product for anyone in particular, but when we heard that people were also buying it for their children, we realised we must have got it right,” said Wright.

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